Trade In Your Bike for a New One

Was just having a discussion on a ride about how expensive new bikes are—at the top end and what I primary share here— and the concept of either leasing them or trading in; you know, like car dealers do. Considering also the speed of change in the bike industry with disc and drivetrains, upgrading would be much easier if there was value in your old gear. I’ve found it’s certainly not worth the time on eBay anymore for an auction, unless the item is hot.

The Pro’s Closet is now offering a trade-in or up program nationwide after trying it with 30 dealers in the Colorado area. The Trade-UP program encourages potential customers to submit their bicycles for valuation by uploading a couple photos. Then a guaranteed trade-in price is offered that can be redeemed at a participating bike shop. The shop accepts the trade and the customer gets a discount on a new bike.

Then, I guess the shop ships the bike back to the Pro’s Closet for auctioning with a call tag? They don’t specifically say, but take a look at what they’re selling on eBay and you can see they’re getting good stuff either consigned or traded in.

So maybe you can trade in your season-or-two old team-deal bike for a new one with discs and thru axles? The Pro’s Closet is running a nationwide eBay clearing house now.

Could be worth it.

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