Tern and Dutch-X Deliver in New York


Tern and Dutch-X deliver in New York is today’s good news headline. I can use it during wildfire season. I have climate change on the mind, experiencing it first hand on a road trip during the heat dome and now with wildfires burning in the Methow Valley.

Through a fleet of Tern electric cargo bikes and Dutch-X delivery service, deliveries in New York are about to get greener and more efficient.

Dutch-X will maneuver bulky cargo, such as the extra-large grocery containers of their main client, Whole Foods, through inner-city traffic in a greener, more sustainable way. They’ll do so with a fleet of Tern electric cargo bikes and Carla Cargo trailers.

What makes the service work is delivery cargo bikes and trailers have received special permission from New York City to park in commercial loading zones. That means an HSD with a Carla Cargo attached will park and unload much closer to the delivery address. Being closer saves time searching for parking and shortening the distance a delivery person needs to carry a heavy load to the delivery address.

UPS and FedEx together paid over $32 million in parking fines in 2019, delivery by bike gets even more attractive.

Tern and Dutch-X Deliver in New York
Tern and Dutch-X Deliver in New York

More Reasons Tern and Dutch-X Deliver in New York

One Size Fits Most

Tern’s GSD and HSD electric cargo bikes adjust in seconds and without tools to fit riders from 4’11” to 6’5”.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Tern’s premium and safe product delivers a  lower cost to operate with less downtime and a longer operational lifetime.

Easier Storage

Space costs a premium in New York. Tern’s compact cargo bikes are shorter than a regular bike to begin. And, then you can fold it into one-third of its volume in seconds. Or, park it upright to drastically reduce its space footprint.

If you’ve like to learn more about electric cargo bike fleets, visit bikesforbusiness.com. I don’t have a fleet, just one, but deliver by bikes on most trips.

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