Tacx NEO Motion Plates

Tacx NEO Motion Plates

Tacx NEO Motion Plates bring more realism to indoor training. This winter I spent quite a bit of time on Garmin’s Tacx Flux 2 smart trainer. (See our review here.) Couple a smart trainer with apps like Zwift, Tacx Training App—and many more—and you get a relatively realistic cycling experience.

Realistic that is if you like sitting on a motionless bicycle for hours at an end.

The Tacx NEO, NEO 2 and NEO 2T have side-to-side motion built in, which gives a more nuanced experience, but it’s still not quite the same.

To bring an even more immersive experience to indoor training, Garmin just introduced The Tacx NEO Motion Plates. These magnetically-attached plates provide forward-to-back motion in addition to the side by side motion.

While this might sound similar to the idea of rollers, riders get the benefit of being attached to a trainer so they don’t have to worry about taking a dive off the end of rollers.

While we don’t have a NEO or NEO 2/2T, we’re hoping to try one out as this seems like an excellent solution to the static boredom of indoor cycling. Also see our review of the Elite Direto. Elite offers a riser to move the bike in a similar manner.

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