Specialized Fjällräven Great Nearby

The Specialized Fjällräven Great Nearby dropped earlier this week. The two brands have teamed up to create a line of products that celebrate the love of the outdoors. The result is a range of unique pieces that the editors of Bike Hugger are expecting to try soon.

Specialized Fjällräven Great Nearby
Specialized Fjällräven Great Nearby

The line is called The Great Nearby and is created with Fjällräven. Just as it sounds, the adventure starts nearby. Around the corner from home, on the edge of town, and without any suffering to get there. The vibe shift is Wes Anderson meets REI and as far away from the road category as possible.

Watch the second in a series edit below to get the down low.

So why are these two brands working together? Here’s what they said about the collaboration

Fjällräven and Specialized come together as two heritage brands both focused on exploring the great outdoors. The collaboration is an exchange of both ideas and culture, as well as an exchange of innovation and expertise. The collaboration pairs Fjällräven’s dedication to time-less design and functionality with Specialized’s high-performance approach to pedaling the planet forward. Combined, the collaboration delivers new technical apparel and equipment that empowers people to explore The Great Nearby.

That sounds great. And, nearby. It also reflects a lot of who we’re see out riding rails to trails. Just enjoying themselves.

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