Sundance Schwinn and Snow Sports


Scwhinn at Sundance

Just as the traffic in Park City ground to a halt during Sundance and I thought, where are the bikes?, saw Scwhinn signs. After snow biking and returning to Seattle, I contacted their PR about that they were doing at a film festival, and this is what they said

The idea was to bring bikes into an atmosphere and event where they typically aren’t seen, so that Schwinn could encourage bike riding, show of new product models for 2014 and get the actors/filmmakers/fans at Sundance excited about the rejuvenated Schwinn brand while also doing something good for a charitable cause we care deeply about. It was such a great experience!

Right on and what I’d like to see is a Snow Bike Mobile Social there one year, like Bikedance, only fatter.

US Freeskiiing

US Freeskiing at I Ride Park City

We were in Park City to cover snow sports and snow bike. Also walk main street during Sundance where all we got was waitlisted. See the biking photos on G+, freeskiiing, and the halfpipe through Glass.

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