The Grammys: Hat So Big BMX Bike Jumped It


Like a sorting hat for pop music

A large fedora stole the show at the Grammys last night and it was launched by Pharrell on Instagram with a BMX trick last week by Nigel Sylvester.

We last saw Pharrell with bikes, and freak bikes, in the Blurred Lines video. BMX isn’t new at the Grammy’s either, Hoffman was there performing with Arcade Fire. Like I said about Sundance, they need to roll a fat bike parade at these events.

And from my hometown, Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis won Best New artist. Earlier this month, he played at CES and I was there with Nokia and this photo was taken by pketron with a Lumia.

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis

It was a good show, different style, but a similar positive change vibe from Franti’s show I shot with Glass. Best part, on the stage are fly girls dancing to each song with 20 dollars in their pockets.

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