12th Man Rides a Bike

12th man creme

12th man creme

Occasionally when we were riding in Maui during the holidays, we’d hear a “Go Hawks!” Curious I thought, how do they know Hugga is from Seattle? Then, oh wait, our kits resemble the Seahawks jersey colors! That’s an unintended, 12th-man football affinity from die-hard cyclists, but we’re going with it!

Sure, football isn’t our thing, but pride in a hometown is. Next week, I’m in NYC to celebrate with all the other Hawks fans at Superbowl parties in Times Square. For a thoughtful take on Seattle and the billionaires that live here, see Timothy Egan’s editorial, “Billionaires and Boasts”

My city is famous for its retail exports: coffee and Costco, Microsoft and Macklemore, Boeing’s jetliners and Jeff Bezos’s business model.

And now Richard Sherman’s rant. Back from Park City, I rode past our stadia, near the one where the 12th man roars, up an urban climb to the top of Queen Anne. Then descended past the Foundation where Bill G is changing the world and back with Starbucks logos in my line of sight most of the time. As complex as our city is, where the politics are passive aggressive and a giant boring machine is stuck below Pioneer Square, there’s one thing we can agree on, “Go Hawks!”

Our kit resembles a Seahawks jersey!

Green, gray, blue

And Sherman is that good, like the rest of the team.

Like that kit design? the Team Version was made for us by Nalini Custom Apparel.

Latte photo: Angela Wissmar

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