Summer is Back with Tentsile

Summer is Back with Tentstile

Summer is back with Tentsile at our cabin. After losing two summers to fire, we’re happy to ride again in the North Cascades. It’s hot. So we’re cooling off at night in a Tentsile tree tent. The triangle shape suspends at three corners with extra strength tie-down straps. We found a clutch of trees in the shade and set it up there.

Summer is Back with Tentstile5 Summer is Back with Tentsile

The first time setting it up took a bit to understand how the strapping works. Now familiar, the next time will be as breezy as sleeping in the trees is. You’re resting or sleeping in a hammock with a tent top.

The Connect is the model Tentsile sent us and it costs $579 direct or with free shipping from Amazon. It’s seen here with the rain fly attached.

Originally conceived as a portable treehouse, the robust materials consists of a flat and firm surface. We used a step stool to get in an out of it. Also, thankful that we have trees. The wildfire last year was within a few thousand feet of our home.

Here’s a setup video.

Summer is Back with Tentsile Features

  • The Connect is built with a seatbelt webbing reinforced floor. The webbing adds strength to the tent. It also creates separate sleeping bays for each person.
  • The patented, adjustable, central underfloor strap prevents occupants from rolling into the middle of the tent or towards the heaviest person in the tent.
  • A 3-point ratcheted anchoring system creates a tensioned fabric base to sleep on.
  • Designed for 2 adults (and all their gear), the Connect holds 880lbs. The base of the tent is rated for 2,500 hours of UV exposure.
  • The Connect comes with a built-in no-see-um insect mesh. It also has 4 huge doors that can be rolled back to allow a fully open hammock experience.
  • The 70D PU-coated 5000HH rainfly can be fully removed for fantastic views and summer breeze but when attached, completely encloses the tent and keeps everything dry. The rainfly extends outwards from the tent giving you a large, dry area underneath the tent to store gear or act as covered living space.
  • The tent comes with 4 x internal mesh storage nets, a tail pocket, an internal hanging mesh pocket. There are also two under floor storage nets.

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