Red Skies at Night: the West Burns

Red Skies at Night: the West Burns

Red Skies at Night: the West Burns. It’s not a normal sunset either….drops red hot across the early evening sky and then disappears in a millisecond. Its normal fall light obscured by the polluted atmosphere. Scientists are just now studying the affects of the air. TL;DR, it’s toxic and I don’t ride in it.

I have in the past, but not anymore. Just not worth the toll on my lungs. As I shared on Twitter

From Crosscut, “the first rains after a wildfire are “like sending a biological system into complete shock. You’re just basically taking a lot of contaminants and moving them all at once.”

If the photo uploaded with this post had a scratch and sniff feature, it’d smell like burnt metal. The air is acrid and heavy, stale and doesn’t feel like it’s moving. As we accept smoke season is part of our new normal, the affects impact the ecosystem. We’ll feel the respiratory and heart illness, and the fruit won’t taste the same.

As wildfires continue, increasing numbers of buyers are rejecting grapes due to concerns about smoke exposure. Without a market, these grape growers are forced to abandon their fruit in the vineyard.

If fruit growers are concerned, I’m sure cannabis farmers are too. Stay healthy and safe.

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