New Hayes Dominion T4s

New Hayes Dominion T4

New Hayes Dominion T4s are shipping. Now that we’ve got our summer back, a set is about to get installed on my mountain bike. The T4, like its T2 sibling is for the gram-conscious rider. The four-pistons version weighs a mere 276 grams per wheel. That’s 100 grams less than the A4 as a set.

The weight reduction does not compromise performance.

New Hayes Dominion T4
New Hayes Dominion T4 caliper
Brake Lever

Hayes removed 100 grams with a meticulous process that includes Reynolds hand-laid carbon fiber levers. Bolts, push rods, compression fits, and banjo fittings were replaced with titanium. Additional machining where possible was done.

The best part is, these light brakes, perform as well as any in Haye’s line. I also expect reliability in the high, rugged mountains terrain where scrubbing speed on long descents to full power for a tight switchback is required.  If you don’t like the factory defaults, the reach and dead stroke are adjustable.

After climbing up Thompson Ridge for hours and beginning the descent back to the Methow Valley, I know there’s a handful of brake available to stop for a hazard tree in a burn scar or just a touch around a corner.

As of today, the T4s are in stock and shipping for $324.99.

New Hayes Dominion T4s Specs

  • Weight: 257g
  • Reach adjust: Tooled
  • Rotor: D-series (160, 180, 203) w/ QuickBite2 and MRC
  • Hose: Low expansion with Kevlar weave
  • Fluid: Hayes DOT 5.1
  • Bleed: Two Stroke
  • Caliper Piston Size: 17mm
  • Pad Material: T106 Semi-metallic, T100 Sintered metallic
  • Pad Retention: King Pin
  • Pad Insertion: Bottom load
  • Crosshair Alignment: Yes
  • 2-Piece Clamp: Yes
  • Pad Contact Adjust: Yes
  • Banjo Adjust: Yes
  • Flip-Flop Lever: Yes
  • Lever Material: Carbon
  • Lever Pivot: Sealed Cartridge Bearings

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