Summer Art Ride

Rode to the Avery Dennison Art Party where Robroy’s work was being shown.

alaskan way

Along Alaskan Way

On a folding bike from Tern, I passed these roadies while they were discussing their sock height and they made sure to pass me back at full speed. Near the stadia, semis and dump trucks were beside my head.

*Semis by my head*

Rode with Semis by my head

Then spotted a Fuji in an office.

spotted a fuji

Spotted a Fuji in an office

Photographed Rob’s art

Rob's art

Took photos of Rob’s art

and the Space Needle from another office window.

Space Needle

Photos of the Space Needle too

I took all these photos with an iPhone and the PhotoJojo lens kit. Here’s a photomap of the ride.

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