The Intersection of Rapha, Bike Hugger and Donuts near NYC

This Saturday the Rapha Mobile Cycle Club is staging a group ride from New York City and the result is an interesting Bike Hugger/Rapha mashup. The ride, which starts at Signature Cycles on 64th and West End Avenue at 8:30, will head to New Jersey and then up toward Rockland. Along the way the ride will meet up with the Mobile Cycling Club RV and that’s where the odd coincidence starts to unfold. The Rapha folks will be handing out free donuts and iced coffee care of Gypsy Donuts and Espresso Bar in Nyack, NY. Gypsy, the cycling-friendly coffee shop and bakery happens to be owned by me, part of the Bike Hugger crew.

As a result, if you hop onto the Rapha ride (which promises to be fantastic) and head up to my neck of the woods you can combine your love of Bike Hugger, good cycling gear and incredible coffee and donuts.

If you’re not around, that’s not a big deal—come up and find us sometime. We’re just a few blocks West of Runcible Spoon and we love cyclists. It’s a nice way to come chat with Bike Hugger and know that your’e in a place that welcomes you with open arms (as well as water, a clean bathroom and bike repair tools). Espresso drip

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