Errand Ride to Fix a Flat


The Blue Sealant failed to seal this tubeless setup

Ran an errand on the Soma Tradesmen, tried to keep up with a cruiser, waited at the swing bridge, and then asked the Three Amigos if I could pass them on the left while noting how color-coordinated the Trek District was.



At the shop, Mark V was working on this road bike with disc brakes and chunky mount.


When you’re having this much fun on a bike, seat height is not a concern

swing bridge

Waited at the Swing Bridge with everyone else

What to do while waiting for a barge to pass the Swing Bridge? Look around, stretch, or plan how to stay ahead of the group when the bridge re-opens. It’s a full-on sprint every time.

Three amigos

Matchy Matchy

He must’ve had something on, maybe out of sight, that matched the leopard print seat cover.

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