Spurcycle Hip Pack and Keyclip

Spurcycle Hip Pack

Checking out the Spurcycle Hip Pack, I realized how it’s funny sometimes the products you don’t expect much from become essential.

Like my daily carry pocketknife or the Spurcycle keyclip. I regret not posting on the this perfect product earlier.

Spurcycle Hip Pack
Spurcycle Hip Pack

I’m not sure I’d wear a fanny pack everyday, but I do when I ride MTB, and I don’t always need to pack water. Spurcycles Keyclip is comfort and convenience with your keys, whether commuting to work or rolling to the bar. I have the original in stainless. Made from 1/4″ titanium, there’s a bonus bottle opener. MSRP: $39.

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The Hip Pack is made in the USA with top-of-the-line materials (Dyneema and X-pac fabrics).

Hip Pack will hold a half-day’s supplies and is shaped for secure trail carry. A heavy-duty zipper closure provides one-handed access. The inner perimeter features four pockets for easy access to nutrition or tools.

An internal zipper pocket keeps a phone and other valuables secure. The lanyard puts keys where you can find you them after a long adventure (attach it with the clip ring).

Lastly, the pack’s external shock cord provides a convenient place to stash a vest, arm warmers, or even a backup water bottle. Buy the ring clip and fanny pack from shops, REI, Backcountry, or direct.

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