Sony RXO, Much More Than an Action Cam

I attended a media event for the Sony RXO last week at Sony Pictures Studios and here’s the edit I made for Digital Photo Pro with stills and video; including, high-frame rate, and sequential stills

Here’s what you need to know:

The tiny box form factor looks like an action cam, but it’s much more capable and for multicam immersive experiences.

Also, pretty cool that there was Flatland BMX at the event. As I explain in the story, flatland is about spinning brakeless tricks and insanely difficult, but also fits into an indoor space quite nicely.

You get exciting things to photograph in a small space; especially with a small form factor camera like the RX0. I know you think it’s an action cam, but it’s really really a miniaturized version of Sony’s bigger RX100 V.

The image and video quality look like they’re from a much more advanced camera. After shooting high-frame rate sequences, a Sony Pictures Studio grip attached the camera to the seat tube with gaffers tape and the talented athlete made it look easy. I shot more views from his hat, under the bike, and a couple crashes.

Because I know you’re looping back to it being a GoPro competitor, the difference is the RX0 has a threaded hole for mounts, the lens is centered in the body for much easier image stitching math, and the output has no tunnel vision distortion like a GoPro.

RXO on a BMX Bike

In other words, it’s made to shoot professionally, in any way you can imagine. Stack several in a VR rig, attach one to a bike, stick it on a weather vane during a storm, pretty much whatever you want.

I’d toss one in my jersey pocket for those moments on a ride.

Available now for pre-order on Amazon, the RX0 costs $698. Read the rest of the story on Digital Photo Pro.


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