Backlot Bicycles with the Sony RXO

Hoping to stumble onto the set of Ray Donovan and see that Mercedes he gets around LA so fast in, but alas I only found the set of the Goldbergs.

But there was a bike.

Lots of them actually. And, my favorite was the chopper.

I wondered what filmmakers have ridden that bike?

Probably a lot.

Getting around the backlot

It makes sense because any mostly flat large area to traverse is perfect for their use; especially, when you can just hop on and off of them. I don’t think Sony has any formal “bike share” designation, but like factories around the world, the bicycle is the most effective way to get from a to b and no matter what you’re delivering.

That includes hard goods, cameras, moving pictures, or you to work. Speaking of work, I was there to shoot with the Sony RX0.

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