Single Speed Eliminator at Starcrossed

When Evel shows up, the racing is gonna be good

The SingleSpeed Cyclocross Eliminator Race Sponsored by MetaFilter and presented by Bike Hugger. The Promoter Terry Buchanan was on the mic before the event calling it the stupidest format ever. 8 riders on single speed cross bikes being held and clipped in. Then it was roughly a 1/4 mile of a cyclocross course involving a VERY high speed barrier and the Flyover bridge. It was more like BMX than cross, and it was #thenewhotness.


Illegal holding and pushing was rampant at the start

The course was essentially a loop around the beer garden with tons of screaming spectators and darkness set in. It was a blast to race in, and was mostly about the holeshot since passing was tough on such a short course. 


Photo: Mathowie

Flyover Holeshot

The problem with the high speeds is trying to dismount…which is where our friend Joey came to (now famous) grief.

They yanked the barriers after the wreck and the races continued.  I hope they bring back the format and my chain doesn’t drop next time. Check the video from Scatman, including another view of Joey’s OK!

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