Soma Pick Up Artist

Soma’s new cargo bike – a bike truck. What’cha think?

Soma Tradesman Cargo Frameset

Weight up front is good with load-bearing beam

Soma Tradesman Cargo Frameset

Laundry basket – we’d put a postal bucket or Donkey Boxx on it.

Soma Tradesman Cargo Frameset

Obligatory Bro portage photo, check!

I said once of Soma, if you take the decals off, it’s hard to tell their bikes from another urban-messenger-fixie-street-punk brand that’s into cargo now. Is the Pick Up Artist different and built well enough to differentiate them? Let’s hope so, cause what Cargo needs is not enough spec’d bike, but one with some serious product engineering behind it, like Henry from WorkCycles would do.

Cause when you got kids, loads, and trying to move cargo around a city, you need more than a rehashed butcher bike or a whippy-ass long tail with steering issues.

Note: post updated with the correct name of the bike.

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