Joey’s OK and the New Hotness


Joey’s OK is at 130K+ hits on YouTube now and we’re expecting more, cause everyone watches it like 100 times. The YouTube page links to this post and for those of you that arrive here from there, I’m Byron and this is Bike Hugger, a blog about bike culture. We’re super into Cross, are out covering the races, and that’s me in the video coming to Joey’s aid. I agreed that he was definitely ok after telling him how much he ruled while he writhed around in pain.

Joey works for Cyclocross Magazine, is an experience racer, and was not injured in the crash. He’s quoted below saying that he misjudged the barrier because there was only one (normally two) and he was going so damn fast. Cyclocross is a type of bike racing done in the Fall and Winter. We ride road bikes on the dirt and over obstacles like the barrier that catapulted Joey into Internet Fame. Our 6 years of Cyclocross posts are collected here, including tutorials, and more videos.

The first post about Joey was posted on Sunday with frame-by-frame stills. Another view of the crash from the front and the rest of the race is also on YouTube.

Read more about the race Joey was in below … Joey, for at least 15 minutes, is the King of the Cross Bros. He represents all of us that are OK!

Funny thing about the Single Speed Eliminator Race at StarCrossed is we’d decided it was the stupidest race format ever. This after sponsoring the race with Metafilter. Our regret soon passed when Joey Mullan became Internet Famous for this photo

Photo: Jaxon Suttlemyre

and Eliza Penick’s video

I think we’re on the verge of a new Cross/BMX race format with big air and crashes. I finally heard from Joey late Sunday. He wrote

I went into the barriers like regular, fast and ready to make a quick touch down then back on the bike. It was different though having just a solo barrier, I didn’t anticipate it so I reacted too late. As for the fall, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as explosive as the video shows it, but that was my perspective, not what was captured.

and I replied, “DUDE! It was THAT explosive. You flew OVER my head.”

Also note that Joey is an experienced Cyclocross racer, works for Cyclocross Magazine, and he placed 13th in his next race. After his spectacular crash, the barrier was removed and racing continued.

To psyche out the Hodala crew, who you know ride dirty, Andrew raced as me. That late in the day after too many beers, we figured they wouldn’t notice the totally different body types (I’m fat. He’s Skeletor skinny).

Andrew did really good until his chain fell off.


Photo: Mathowie

So he threw the bike and surfed down the flyover. Huge points for style.


More Air. Major Air

Back to the a new race format, check out this air

more air

Damn Holmes! SS Eliminator races are the new hotness. Here’s another view from Mathowie.

Major air

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