She’s Out There – Ep. 2: Race-Life Balance

If you’re not watching womens racing, you’re missing out. The women are going hard and being more competitive than ever. To that point, Scott has been promoting its team and in episode 2 of She’s Out There, they share how athletes balance racing and regular life.

Also, what it means to perform at the highest level of the sport.

Photos: Kramon

Quotes from the video include

I love the hours of training, suffering and pushing yourself, when you know that all of that is so the next time you step up at a race, you can really put all that into practice. For me, that’s the ultimate: getting out there and getting results when you’ve worked so hard for it. —Amanda Spratt

As an Australian being a cyclist, we need to move from Australia to Europe, there’s no other way. You need to make Europe your home, your team becomes your home and your team is cycling. So your home is cycling. Cycling is my life. It’s my whole life, but I’m proud of that. —Sarah Roy

The bikes they women are riding is the Foil RC. I reviewed the Foil a few seasons ago when it launched. Built with HMX Carbon fiber frame it’s aero, light, and surprisingly comfortable.

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