Warhawk: Affordable Versatile Gravel Bike

Just like when I posted on the Pure Cycles $800 Abbot, it’s great to see decent gravel bikes at college-fixed gear pricing. And, competing directly with Pure, State Bicycle offers the Warsaw with a tubeless install kit for $579 + $150 for the upgrade. I guess they tossed the Stan’s kit into the box and figured a buyer would convert the wheelset themselves or ask a buddy at the shop.

For $729 (frame + Tubeless kit), the Warhawk is quite a lot of bike for the money. And, they’re saving a buyer ever more money buy shipping it as a single speed and not spec’ing discs.

The single speed spec may work in your neck of the woods, but not here; unless, you have knees of steel or maybe are just going to ride the Warhawk around town. If so, it’s a good choice because of the tire size.

Seriously, get this instead of that inexpensive fixie for college. It looks nice in an olive, smoke, and black color way and the big tires will make for a much more comfortable ride. The photos State shared with is show the bike fitted with the tubeless upgrade.

Warhawk Features

  • Frame/Fork: 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • Brake: Cantilever
  • Handlebars: Zoom Drop Bar
  • Seatpost: Zoom Alloy
  • Wheelset: 30MM Deep Rim
  • Stock Tires: Kenda Small Block 8 (35c)
  • Tubeless Upgrade: WTB Riddler (37c) Tan Wall
  • Tires + Stan’s NoTubes installation kit
  • MSRP $579

The Warsaw ships direct from State. Note that upgrading the Warsaw during the build can get you into disc and multigear price range, so shop around. But few look as nice as the Warhawk does and in this price range offer the 4130 chromoly.

If you want a bike with less maintenance, than sticking to the single speed and cantilevers is the way to go.

I’d opt for the better saddle and clipless at least for another $200.

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