Point it to the Break from Cafe du Cycliste

Point it to the Break

Sure, Cafe du Cyclist: Point it to the Break is trying to sell you clothes, but they do so with a, “where is that, I want to go there” vibe. Really, their visuals remind me of when cycling was in.

The edit is similar to California Golde, though they don’t mention if it was shot on film. Also lovely from Cafe du Cyclist are the vignettes from Japan.

Rolling swells and touches of swell riding. If travel is as much about the journey as the destination, bikes and boards deliver on both.

Point it to the Break
Point it to the Break

If their style interests you, also see what their designers offer in T-shirts for warm weather and merino jerseys for whatever the weather. They have layers for the outdoors with inner, mid or outerwear. It’s all designed for a cycling lifestyle; including, socks. I like the signature modern French style, premium fabrics and a raft of details makes each piece ideal for back country exploration. They’re sorta like if Rapha were French instead of English.


The graphic on this t is an example. With stores in Nice, London, and Mallorca, Cafe du Cyclist ships to the states too. Their gravel collection is designed and built to provide high performance within a different spirit. It’s the kind of kit you can wear on and off the bike.

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