Café du Cycliste’s Toile de Jouy Collection

Café du Cycliste’s Toile de Jouy collection is some great looking, unique kit. The collection is available for men and women tomorrow. The limited prints are just in time for the Tour de France, of course, and look lovely evoking French imagery in the design.

Toile de Jouy Collection
Sporty too.

The collection is as French as France as iconic as Eiffel. Wear it across a range of performance road apparel for riding high climbs in high style. Lowlanders like me, probably should chose other more roomy kit.

Toile de Jouy Collection
It’s lovely

Café du Cycliste’s Toile de Jouy Collection PR

Inspired by those icons of French cycling history that roused young cyclists on to their saddles and out on to the road, the narrative unfolds on the fabric. The riders: Robic the Goat, Hinault the Badger, Fignon the Professor. The places: – the Giant of Provence, and a nod to the cobbles of the Grammont across the border. The roadside icon: El Diablo. And finally, maybe the greatest scene of them all: Anquetil and Poulidor going shoulder to shoulder on the Puy de Dôme.

The collection brings a touch of à la Francaise to the roads ridden, wherever they may be. Available from the 3rd of May on and in Nice, London, and Mallorca stores. They’ll ship to the states too.

If this style interests you, also see what their designers offers in T-shirts for warm weather and merino jerseys for whatever the weather. They have layers up for the outdoors with inner, mid or outerwear. It’s all designed for a cycling lifestyle; including, socks. I like the signature modern French style, premium fabrics and a raft of details makes each piece ideal for back country exploration. They’re sorta like if Rapha were French instead of English.

The graphic on this t is an example.

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