Reggie Ramble Gravel Grinder in Canada

Reggie Ramble Gravel Grinder

Cheers and a blog post from me for people I know in the bike industry just trying to have fun with it and put on a good event like the Reggie Ramble Gravel Grinder in Canada. That seems rare these days. I hope we get back to it after ebikes and indoor cycling wanes.

After all these years, not matter the marketing cycle, I’m into the bike for the long haul. What interests me now is endurance events and of all the gravel grinders I see, this one looks fantastic. Mostly because it’s in Canada, which makes it seem radder than Idaho.

Note: this isn’t what I know some wealthy fondos are like. Expect a more rustic experience.

Reggie Ramble Gravel Grinder PR

REGGIE is teaming up with Superfly Racing to put on a new Gravel Grinder event the REGGIE Ramble in Canada, just outside of Toronto in Warkworth, so mark your calendars for Sept 28th. Jeff Wills told us “REGGIE is all about having fun riding bikes, so we simply have to host a ride. We wanted to have an event that mimics the rides I love to do with my buddies, and that’s where the name comes from: When the weekend ride starts at my house, we call them REGGIE Rambles, and my friends know they’re in for something they’ve never done before.”

This is going to be a unique formula offering three unique loops and three distance options: 60km/ 37miles, 130km/80miles, and the big one 200km/124miles. All riders will ride the first loop, then the longer riders will continue onto the separate second loop, and then the beasts will finish up with the third loop. Each loop starts and finishes with a ride through of the Old Barn at the Warksworth Fair Grounds, and each will feature special “ambush” sections that will contain tough or different terrain or gradients.

The courses also separate the Ramble from the major US races: 70-80% of each loop is dirt or gravel, with only a few road “transition” sections, and the scenery in the Trent Hills region is amazing and unlike any in the other events.

Little-known fact, that I grew up as a kid in Toronto, Ontario and this could make a fun trip.

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