Pay Attention Please: Purist Bottles

I was typing away and heard this crazy ruckus going on. Look down and Cap’n the Pug dragged a box of water bottles over to me with her treat face on. Something in the box for her? No, but she knew that box would get my attention and then maybe I’d give her a treat.

She got my attention

So what’s in the box? Those are new Purist bottles with our logo on them. Clear, no taste, easy squeezy and they’ve got the hydroflow valve. These are my new fav bottle cause they don’t taste like whatever sugar you used last time.

We’re going to give the bottles in the box away to the first dozen orders of our new kit.

Purist bottle with our logo

We’ll have those in soon.

Here’s a photo of the valve. See more photos.

Watergate valve

Self-sealing Heart Valve. The water flows when you pull with your mouth and seals tight when you don’t.

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