Stonewashed iPod Nano

This iPod Nano has a new, washed patina, a brushed screen, and buffed corners. It survived a washer/dryer cycle with our rain gear. A tough little mp3 player and now revived, it’ll get attached to a jersey for another ride, looking like it has a stone-washed denim affect on it with the rough-pastels filter too.

Kitchen Emergency Care Unit

To bring the little guy back from iPod Beyond, I plugged it in and let it sit there on the kitchen island. No need to put it in rice (done that to another iPod), cause it was bone dry. I periodically checked on it and first the screen came back with a ghosty-white blur. I touched and it immediately rebooted – saw a cool ROM boot screen that said snowbird. Then it rebooted again and I left it alone. 24 hours later, we had touchscreen! The first song played was Jack Parow’s Feite

Jo, di’s die original die vader van die Afrikaans rap – kak

translated to: Yo! I’m the original father of the Afrikaans rap – shit

or: I’m the Mac Daddy of South African Afrikaans rappers.

which was pretty funny, cause I thought, “Damn this lil’ playah got balls!” The volume didn’t work though; so, I left it alone again. A few hours later, the volume worked. Just synced it, updated to the latest OS, and we’re good!

Niner Bikes will love this story, ‘cause they gave the iPod Nano to me at PressCamp last year.

That’s K’naan shown on the screen in the photo. His music is always on shuffle.

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