Parlee Rain Bike

At first I was like, DAMN! Rack mounts on a custom carbon bike! HOT.


But then I was all, Parlee Rain Bike with fenders! Face-meltingly awesome, like that one time I saw Judas Priest in concert.

Posted a photo and the comments flowed in. They range from sexual arousal, to disgust, to envy, to noticing no buddy flaps.

I have the weirdest boner right now – Marcus Santiago

the 1% – Mike Blahut

Masters Of The Universe don’t need no stinkin’ buddy flaps – Matthew Hill


woah!… Woah!!…WOAH!!! – Patrick Knight

If you agree that a commuter bike isn’t limited to something old and Dutch or a 70s 3-speed rescued from the garage, also see my Museeuw.

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