Outervention Iceland: Exploring the Land of Fire & Ice

Outervention Iceland: Exploring the Land of Fire & Ice

Outervention Iceland: Exploring the Land of Fire & Ice is a film by fellow Sony shooter Chris Burkard.

After years of fighting the grind, small business owner, Lily Truong, and nonprofit cofounder Mario Ordoñez-Calderón needed a change of pace to rebalance their life. They teamed up with Gearhead Cat Yu, and flew to Iceland, where they met local Andrea Geirsdóttir and legendary photographer Chris Burkard. Jumping from mountain bike saddles to freezing rivers, the team rekindled their love of nature amidst the breathtaking views of the volcanic island.

Having been to Iceland myself, it’s nice to see different locations and visuals. The Outervention series has three parts. Costa Rica and Cascadia are included.

Backcountry just opened a store in Seattle and will screen Outervention Iceland: Exploring the Land of Fire & Ice this Friday.

Bjork said it…

My personal fount is the highlands of Iceland.

As they say about the weather.

If you don’t like the weather out the front door, check the back.

And, when we were there another thing the locals say, “A light breeze is just hurrying by.” If you visit, maybe you’ll meet Lauf Forks, like I did. Just walking past.

Lauf is an Iceland company that’s developed a leaf-spring suspension fork. I haven’t ridden it yet, but seen it in person and understand Lauf reimagined short travel suspension. They did away with the complex compression, damping and rebound of a telescoping fork and created a new method of controlled suspension that focuses on keeping the wheel in contact with the ground and maintaining traction. It is not for trail riding or big hits, but it fills a niche where a suspension fork is a burden due to its weight, but traction and control are required for maximum performance.

The fork is as unique as Iceland and the Outervention series.

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