Our buddies at have given us $500 in gift cards to give away to our readers. The first $100 was raffled off at our SXSW Mobile Social, and we’re going to give away the remaining $400 over the next four weeks–$100 at a time.

How to Win a $100 Gift Card

Slight change: we now request your Twitter ID along with your other info (see below). If you’ve already entered, you do not need to re-enter.

  1. Follow Bike Hugger on Twitter.
  2. Sign in and enter your name, Twitter ID, email, and add your shipping address to the comment form on this page. Your information will not be published or shared with any 3rd party other than
  3. Cross your fingers

We’ll be selecting one winner at random every Monday for four weeks starting on March 30, 2009. We’ll announce each winner on Twitter and the winner will have two hours to claim the prize. If they miss their deadline, we’ll announce a new winner who will have two hours to claim the prize–and so on until we’ve found a valid winner.


  1. Anyone may enter by submitting their name, Twitter ID, email, and shipping address in the comment form on this page.

  2. Winners will be announced on Twitter and must claim their prize by the time deadline announced on Twitter.
  3. Prize claim procedure will be announced on Twitter.
  4. Prizes will be forfeited if not claimed by the valid winner within the time deadline.
  5. We reserve the right to change any part of this contest at any time to overcome technical difficulties or other problems. Changes will be announced publicly.
  6. We must be able to validate the identity of winners via email.
  7. You can only win once.
  8. You may enter at anytime prior to the final give-away, scheduled for April 20, 2009, however you must enter at least 8 hours prior to each give-away to ensure your inclusion in the pool for that give-away.
  9. Winners will receive their prize within three weeks.
  10. The giveaway is only available to residents of the USA.

Give-Away Schedule

Date Time


March 30, 2009

12pm Pacific Time


April 6, 2009

12pm Pacific Time


April 13, 2009

12pm Pacific Time


April 20, 2009

12pm Pacific Time


This giveaway is governed by the terms of our privacy policy. We will share the winners’ name, email, and shipping address with That’s how they’ll ship you the gift certificate. We are not spammers and will not spam entrants with emails.

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