Foot-O-Rama #1: Simple Classics for Cruising

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As much as we travel and ride, I’m always looking versatile, comfy, durable, and stylish shoes. I’m not down with what passes for “sensible” travel shoes–those homely, clompy, “all purpose” shoes that make your feet look like their best years have passed.

I like these canvas PF Flyers from The simple, classic style looks nice with anything from jeans, to slacks (bring your own irony), to a sun dress (they’re unisex!). But they’ll also go easily from street to bike, providing decent stability on your around-town bike. In fact, I wore a pair like these all over Taiwan two Octobers ago as we rode and walked everywhere. The durable rubber soles hold up to most abuse, you won’t feel bad about getting them dirty and scuffed, and the canvas uppers allow them to be smashed inside a suitcase.

If you plan to walk a lot in these, my one tip is to invest in some good insoles. I like Superfeet as an all around insole, but any supportive, cushioned insole will work.

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