So It Seems That Women Ride Bikes

I like women. I like bikes. I like women riding bikes. So I’m naturally a fan of the just-announced “Women’s Cycling Magazine.” The publication will cover “road, track, cross, mountain, college, high school, masters, lifestyle, commuting, sustainability, training, tech, product, repair, rides, community,” and “community spotlight.” In other words, cycling. Just for people with more ovaries than testicles.

Picture 10.png

All kidding aside, I think that vastly more women would ride bikes if the whole sport weren’t so darned intimidating. I see guys in shops all the time who seem to really get on with the whole shop culture, while many women are so put off men-centric vibe in many bike shops, where questions about bike fit and function seem to take a back seat to unit sales and turnover. (That’s why I’ve long wanted to open a women-specific bike store, but until some investors come along, I’ll have to wait.)

The magazine will cost $15 for 3 issues (I think that’s all that’ll be coming off the presses in 2009) but the magazine’s blog is already up and running. My copy’s already on order.

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