No brakes down Lombard Street

Top-ranked Kryptonite
Bring Your Own Big Wheel 2006

Bring Your Own Big Wheel is an annual Easter Day ride down San Francisco’s Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world. On tricycles, Big Wheels, or other childhood conveyances. There’s only one rule: No rubber wheels.

Plastic wheels + brick pavers = entertainment! Riders do their best Fred Flintstone to regulate their speed as they twist their way down the hill.

From the San Francisco Chronicle race coverage:

“This race may seem ridiculous, but it transcends ridiculousness,” said veteran competitor Luke Powell. “This is about something else.”

Sunday’s was the 6th annual event.


Semi-official site (with music) | Eat your heart out, Lance Armstrong

Flickr photoset 1 | Flickr photoset 2 | Flickr photoset 3 | Flickr photoset 4 | Flickr BYOBW group

YouTube video of the 2006 ride

Download a minidocumentary of the 2003 ride

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