Slate reviews chains and U-locks

Slate.dom | The best lock to protect your bike. By Scott Elder

Top-ranked Kryptonite
Slate’s pick:
Kryptonite NY Fahgettaboutit U-Lock

Scott Elder looks at the whole range of bike locks, from cables to the newer flat-key U-locks to the monster 10-pound chains.

Rather than simply trying each one and judging them for ergonomic factors and perceived security, Elder played bike thief, going after each with either a 30-inch bolt cutter, a crowbar, a hacksaw (with unspecified “special blades”), and my father’s favorite tool, a standard claw hammer.

The verdict: don’t waste your time with the cable locks. The improved U-locks are slightly better.

The monster chains, including the Kryptonite New York Chain with EV Disc Lock and the OnGuard Beast Chain & Padlock, survived all his tools, but are a load to haul, so the top marks went to two enhanced U-locks, the $89.95 Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit U-lock, and OnGuard’s Brute STD, which retails for $69.95.

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