High-end road bike demand surging

The Boston Globe | Would you spend $14,000 for this bike?

Douglas Belkin writes about how high-end road bike sales, and prices, are through the roof. The most expensive built bikes now are around $14-15,000, but dealers say you’ll see a $20,000 road bike soon.

”The first time I saw a $10,000 bike was a few years ago,” said Stephen Madden, the editor of Bicycling magazine, which is based in Pennsylvania. ”It kind of blew my mind, but now it’s really pretty easy to spend $8,000 on a bike. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but there are plenty out there.”

Belkin says sales have increased from 145,000 high-end road bikes in 2000 to 498,000 in 2005.

Along those lines, Greg Lemond introduced a new all-carbon fiber frame whose 55-cm examples weigh 950 grams. It’s called the Triomphe.

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