Huggacast Shorts PressCamp 17: Pivot

In this short, we share with you video from our meeting with Pivot Cycles. And, it was a good meeting. In fact, Pivot is doing so well selling bikes, they don’t really need me to mention them.

I do so because I like them as people and their bikes so much.

Really, they have some of the best design in the business and do so purposefully to iterate until they find the perfect bike.

The Mach 4 is a return-to-their roots trail bike, the one David and I rode and were totally bummed each time the lift closed cause we wanted to keep going.

As I said, Pivot’s sales and fans speak volumes. What I can tell you is, it ain’t hype….get out there and demo one.

If you’re based in Seattle like me, their founder is in town this weekend.

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