Vivax Bikes

Vivax is back in the news with reports from the Italian press that a masters racer was caught by officials with a motor in his bike. Google Translate this article and it reads like a script treatment for Tour de Pharmacy Part Deux, Motor Doping.

The Vivax system is a valid, enabling tech for a variety of reasons; including an assist up hills for cyclists with degenerative diseases. It’s precision manufacturing and bottom-bracket based design also means handbuilt bike makers can build one too with materials like steel and titanium.

I know this because Bill Davidson is making Vivax bikes in Fremont  at DKCB. As long as a Vivax bike isn’t showing up to race at a sanctioned event, I think they’re great and hopefully a toxic roadie topic can get redirected to how it’s helping cyclists who can use it.

Read this post for more about the Vivax bikes Bill is building. And, here’s more on the topic.


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