First Bike Helmet

My son, who just turned six months old a few weeks ago, began sitting up by himself last week. Naturally, my very first thought was “bike trailer time!” He’s had great head control since about a month old, but we’re still going to give him a few more weeks until he’s on the back of a bike. For now, we’ve set up a Burley D’Lite (which was possibly the easiest trailer assembly I’ve ever done) with the jogger kit. It’s easier on the noggin to go for a jog than to be pulled in a trailer (the faster speeds cause more bouncing behind a bike) so we’ll start with that, get him comfortable in trailer and then start moving toward my ultimate goal of years of bike riding with my son.

Of course, that means that he needs a helmet so we headed to my favorite local shop, Piermont Bicycle Connection, where my pal Glenn fit him for a helmet. We thought he was going to need a bunch of extra padding to get the helmet to fit (and we’ll probably put a bit extra in there) but my son takes after his mom and has a big ol’ head. Zero problems holding up his head with the helmet, so we’re looking to do our first rip in the trailer when he gets up from today’s nap. (Yes, I know the helmet isn’t fit correctly in this shot, it has not been adjusted/set up at all.)

Henry and the Helmet

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