Tree and Bike Hugger Make Nice on the Climate Ride

I’d been jokingly grumbling about Tree Hugger on the Climate Ride and how they should drop hugger from their name and just become Besides getting asked why I was riding a small-wheeled bike, Climate Riders confused bike and tree. It was like potato v. potatoe or Osama and Obama. I’d correct them and mentioned it during the lecture from Mike Lemonick. The next day Mairi Beautyman from Treehugger yelled at me while I was passing her on a hill, just as I was cresting the top


Funny and I totally lost my spin-this-little-bike-up-the-hill composure.

Climate Ride: More Climbing Ahead

Intense concentration snapped by Mairi’s cresting-the-big-climb comment

I laughed the whole way down the other side. Tree Hugger got in Hugga’s head.

As tweeted Retweet, on Twitter she pipped me for a sprint!

Mairi from @treehugger took the city limit sprint by a 1/2 wheel. Earlier denied my request that her company remove Hugger from their name.

At this point, it was ON like King Kong selling Sean Jean with Groupon!

ohHO! @TreeHugger met @bikehugger on #climateride and SOMEBODY said SOMEONE should drop some huggs & shorten their name to

Then at camp she pitched a photo opp idea.

Climate Ride: Treehugger

She’s quite persuasive

I even dropped my amended request that they change their name to Treehuggr and agreed to this photo.

Climate Ride: Trees and Bikes we like

Trees and bikes we both like

We got the shot before I left the ride and headed back to Seattle. That was an adventure in itself, narrated by a driver who nearly got to the history of Pennsylvania’s Statehood before pulling into BWI where I watched orphans seek out electricity like Dicken’s Thieves. More on that in another post.

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