Charged and Connected on the Climate Ride

I stayed charged and connected with the iPhone Bike Mount and Reecharge unit during the Climate Ride. From the road, I uploaded photos like this


Obligatory Horse and Buggy photo

tweeted along the route

Usually on group rides, we talk tech. This ride talks about sustainability.

I mapped portions of the ride and checked in. Doing all of that with an iPhone draws lots of power. The battery would last for about 4 hours max just running Map My Tracks.


Attached to the Brompton and connected to the Shimano Generator Hub

The Reecharge is a Lithium polymer battery wrapped up in a waterproof case with various dongles and attachments. It sucks up power from the dynamo and stores it until you plug it into your phone.

charge phone

It also connects to the USB port on your computer

and the wall outlet.

I took about 5 minutes to attach to the dynamo hub and i’ll have it with me on our trip to Taipei next month and this Fall in France. While the iPhone Bike Mounts are sold out, we do have a few Reecharges in our store. They sell for $119.99 and I think well worth it.

Making power on the bike was better than waiting for a slot at the charging station

Community Charging Station

and arguably more effective than the solar panels some Climate Riders had attached to their bikes.

Climate Ride: Solar Panel

The School for Field studies did demonstrate a bicycle power generator, but after riding all day, the Climate Riders weren’t lining up to pedal more for their phones.

Climate Ride: Generator

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