Everything On Sale Now

Snowbiking with Gore

Everything is on sale now it seems like. I’m back from a trip to the Methow Valley for Thanksgiving and my inbox is full of sales. They include camera gear (from our sister site Sony Mirrorless) and cycling brands like HED, GORE, and IBEX. Amazon has this light on sale. Below are some highlights from B&H

Everything On Sale Now
Everything On Sale Now

Everything is On Sale Apple and Phones

Cyber Monday Apple deals include $450 of the late 2020 Space Gray MacBook Air M1. Also, don’t miss the Xperia deals

At Kando and Creative Space, I used the Xperia 5 IV to create vertical content. I’m continuing to use it even without the cell features. To connect I’m either on wifi or sharing a hotspot from my iPhone. If I wasn’t sunk deep into the iOS ecosystem, I would have already switched.

I currently carry two phones because of the exceptionally high-quality content the Xperia creates. iPhone photos look like they were shot on a smartphone. While the Xperia looks like I’m shooting with Sony. I am and doing so with zero work in post. The video is the most distinguishable with an HDR option.

Finally, I hope you find the deals you’re looking for.


Sony ZV-E10 kits are on sale for $600 off.

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