Morgane Jonnier OVERCOME

Morgane Jonnier OVERCOME

Morgane Jonnier OVERCOME is a good bit of escapism right before the holidays. In her own words

I am excited to present you with this project, which was selected at the High Five Film Festival. I’ve always wanted to do this jump. It is such a huge gap that I never thought I could do it. It was so intimidating! I found my path during the process with Kevin. In the end, I told myself that I have legs and arms like the rider who jumped the gap. I did it and am so pumped! Stay tuned on my Youtube; I am keen to present more projects like this.

Morgane Jonnier OVERCOME Edit

Morgane Jonnier is from Hyere in the South of France. A way of life defines her; she is a rider & team manager of the Rossignol Factory Team, competing in the Enduro World Series. Passionate about adventure, challenges, and surpassing oneself, she likes to share her journeys through her projects.

Morgane Jonnier OVERCOME
Morgane Jonnier OVERCOMEs the gap.

That’s quite the project! Also, enjoy the sharp edit in a locale 1/2 a world away from Whistler and BC. Morgane completes the jump on a Rossignol Heretic with an aluminum frame and Horst Link suspension, that’s built for enduro.

Rossignol Heretic
The Rossignol Heretic Morgane jumped the gap with.

The bike is fully kitted for full reliability and performance and features a full Shimano XT 12 speed drivetrain and 4pistons XT brakes with 200mm ice tech rotors. While preferring riding cross country in alpine meadows, I get the adrenalin rush and sense of accomplishment Morgane experiences. Before times, I rode the enduro course(s) at Park City and Grand Tetons. Holding onto the handlebars and letting the bike go downhill is a experience unto itself. You can get a sense of it from her upload.

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