Digital Photo Pro: Being Influential


On the newsstands now, in print, is the November issue of Digital Photo Pro. The issue includes my story about social influencers and Instagram. It begins with this lede

It’s not the influence that matters, but your work

and continues with a discussion about the type of photographer social influencers should aspire to be, “The goal for the client, when hiring talent like Instagrammers, is to reach their enormous following.” A client pays for access to an audience and the skills, the aesthetic. Because Instagram, via Face- book, offers metrics, they can count the likes and comments, and analyze the “insights” on the campaign.

Create Good Work

What I’m saying in the piece is that chasing a career as a social media influencer might be a misplaced goal, but by creating good work, generating large followings and actively seeking relationships with clients, it’s possible to use the social media clout to make one’s work more visible and demonstrate the ability to deliver in a world of instant gratification.

A long-term career with reliable clients is better than a one-time, all-expenses paid trip to Belize any day.

For sure….find my influencer article at a newsstand near you. DPP is available as a subscription in print. Get it on the App StoreGoogle Play, Kindle, Zinio, and Nook.

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