Christini AWD Fatbike

In this edit, Australian expedition cyclist Kate Leeming travels through Northeast Greenland to test a custom made Christini all-wheel-drive fatbike in polar conditions. Kate is planning on making the first bicycle crossing of the Antarctic continent via the South Pole. She’s doing so by raising funds via her foundation that also donates to community development initiatives and awareness of the poverty-related issues in Africa. There’s also a Kickstarter to sell the AWD fat bike.

The Christini is made in Philly and delivers power from the rear of the bicycle to the front wheel through a series of gears, shafts, and chain all mounted within or on the frame.

You can read more about her adventure in a Philly Voice article. Also see the trike that cycled the South Pole in 2013. And, for a more regular fat bike in the snow ride, this post from our archives.

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