Comments We Want Your Comments

Today we turned on Facebook Connect for comments. You can now login with us via our registration or in one step with Facebook and comment on posts. You’ll see the Facebook Connect button in the comment sections of posts. The connection is very light and we’re not pulling profile information from Facebook. We just want to get you into our community quickly.


A few months ago our site was performing so poorly that we made a drastic and rapid change to Happy Cog Hosting and Expression Engine. That meant our current community would have to reregister with EE to comment. Realizing that’s not ideal for the user, we added Facebook.

Login Again

If you had an account previously with us and want to use that again, you certainly can without Facebook. Just reset your password.

If you authenticated previously though any service other than Movable Type (Twitter, WordPress, Google, TypePad) you’ll have to register again through EE or FB.

Note: If your login had a space in the name, it now has an underscore between the names: ludo dierckxsens | ludo_dierckxsens. You can remove the _ in your profile settings when you log back in.


If you have any problems logging in, please ask for help at our Help site. We set that up just for you.

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