The Prettiest/Greenest/Healthiest Water Bottle I Own

When our PR pal Julie wrote to tell me that Nau had a brand new Kleen Kanteen to review naturally I was interested. I love bottles that aren’t lined with plastic, made from plastic or that smell like toxic dumps. What I didn’t expect is that a work of art would show up on my doorstep. Check out this beauty. Nau Kleen Kanteen This new Kleen Kanteen is made with organically harvested bamboo, food grade silicone and is made out of stainless steel. Today I hacked my espresso machine to make iced tea (ground up gunpowder green tea in a spice grinder, packed into espresso chamber and made a thick tea base to cut with water and ice) and filled up the Kanteen before I went out for a walk. There’s something great about drinking from a metal container—maybe it just reminds me of the metal canteens we used in cub scouts, but it feels like summer and happiness.

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