Brandon Semenuk Raw 100: Abandoned Mine

Brandon Semenuk Raw 100

I’ve watched this Brandon Semenuk Raw 100 5 times now and not entirely sure what’s happening. It is MTB action at an abandoned mine in Merrit, British Columbia. Worth noting, this isn’t your typical loam video and that forever-long manual is just “wow.”

Watch it on Red Bull TV And, below on YouTube.

Here’s the description

When it gets to taking on a blank canvas and turning it into something grand, Brandon Semenuk is never the one too shy away from the challenge. His unapologetic riding style & devotion towards perfection have risen the aesthetic benchmarks of raw mountain biking cinematography time and time again. In his sixth contribution to the Raw 100 series Brandon shakes up an abandoned mine in Merritt, British Columbia. As always Rupert Walker and Revel Co. had been there to catch everything on tape.

Brandon Semenuk Raw 100 is a series from Red Bull and this edit stands out for me.

The opportunity to use this abandoned mine site was incredibly motivating

Said Brandon. The series was designed by Red Bull to challenge athletes and filmmakers to put together 100 seconds of footage in real time with only natural audio to showcase the beauty and simplicity of their sport. Nice work.

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