SCOTT Ransom Flow State

When brands make an effort to make great content like the SCOTT Ransom Flow State series, I’m happy to share it. Is it dramatic, sure, and so is riding in loam like that.

Slowly, the ritual starts. The same ritual, every time, it’s been this way for years and will remain this way for longer. My mind circles thoughts of the trail ahead.

The moments ahead are everything as much as they are nothing.

The sum of cognition, where there is no distinction between thought and action.

SCOTT RANSOM Flow State with the 900 Tuned

SCOTT Ransom Flow State
SCOTT Ransom Flow State

The Ransom is the long travel all mountain bike to rule them all. From stage racing at the highest level to traversing the world’s most demanding mountains, this bike was designed to help you ride like you never have before. Progressive geometry, 170mm of suspension travel front and rear in unison with the TwinLoc Suspension System and our strongest carbon construction to date gives you a mountain bike that will surely give you plenty of rewards when taking risks. Make mountains move.

Launched back in late 2018 the SCOTT Ransom has proven his abilities and versatile character not only on trails all around the globe, but as well in various media reviews testing it down to the bone- nothing more to say!
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