Boys to Men

Cavs is a topic at le Tour today because of his failure to sprint. Wrapped up in the commentary is his personality: the ego, the antics, and some sketch riding.

What we saw happen today is his train get disrupted and the Boy Racer had nowhere to go but backwards. It was a classic counter move by another team and us old guys are cheering Ale-Jet. Dude is wining sprints in the Tour at 37.

I’ve written about Cavs before, disgusted by the PR machine spinning his behavior into something that it isn’t. He’s a sprinter and that’s what they do. Sprinters in the Tour are like Elk in rut, spraying their musk, knocking horns around, out for one thing, and at any stage they can get smacked down by another sprinter.

How Cavendish will handle the other teams ganging up on him will tell us if he’s matured from a Boy Racer to a Man. You can read more about Cavs in his book available from


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