Talking While Riding (and chewing gum)

A recent AP article reported that tech firms are working on “creating applications that do everything from making a smartphone screen transparent to transforming speech into text.” They doing this to prevent people from injuring themselves and others while looking at their phones:

A personal friend almost walked right into a manhole while looking at her phone,” he said. “Another friend was actually run over by a bike messenger. She wasn’t paying attention, walked into the street and the bike messenger walloped her.

Sidenote that Apple’s iPhone 4 seems to have solved this problem with proximity detectors that put calls on hold, mute, or hang up when the phone touches your face.

Anyone working on bike-related apps for this? Voice-activated GPS? Do you wear a bluetooth while riding? One of our bros rides with a Jitterbug, with the big buttons so he can use it easily on the bike.

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