Garmin’s Musette


In a preternatural bit of kismet today I stopped en-route to my kitchen for breakfast to see if any packages had come.

What I found makes me wonder if the folks at Clif are capable of not only satisfying hunger but predicting it as well. In a nice brown box was this Garmin musette bag, filled to the brim with Clif bars in all of my favorite flavors!

A note inside the package pointed out that the riders on the tour have to eat about 7000 calories a day just to break even (showing how fit they are. Based on my Polar OwnCal numbers, six hours of race-speed cycling would require at least twice that for my physiology). And the Garmin-Transitions riders (those who are left, in any case) fuel up with yummy snacks from Clif.

In any case, thanks to Clif for sating my hunger without making me go to the bike store.

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